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"Lump vanishes from my breast"

"I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease at the age of 22. Five Medical Doctors told me there was no cure, and they did not know what caused the lumps. 

"I am a Registered Nurse and was not satisfied with what the medical profession had to offer. 

"The only treatment the Doctors gave me was surgical removal of the lumps. 

"I had two lumps removed. 

"The first one was the size of the a large grape. The second was the size of three grapes. I found a third lump the size of a golf ball.  I did not want to have another surgery. 

"I saw Master Chunyi Lin talking about Qigong on Channel Nine news. I decided to see if he could help me. 

"After the first treatment, the lump was reduced by 95%-down to the size of a pea. After the second treatment, the lump was completely gone. 

"It was a miracle! Master Lin said the lumps were caused by stress and worrying. 

"It has been eleven months since my first treatment, and I have NOT had any reoccurrence. I was at the doctors office for a checkup in January, 1999, and Dr. Pat Arnold said my breast was completely clear! He did NOT find any lumps or abnormalities. 

"I now practice Qigong every day. I am a more relaxed, patient, and calm person because of it. Also, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches. 

"Also, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches. In the past, I had suffered from seasonal allergies. I was on Claritin for two years. The prescription did help me a little, but not as much as Qigong. I do not suffer from allergies any more. 

"Qigong has changed my life forever! 

"My husband has also taken Master Lin's class. He had a shoulder injury and suffered back pain for six years. After the first class with Master Lin, his back pain was gone! It was amazing." 

Heath and Stacy Langager
761 Keokuk Lane, Mendota Heights, MN 55120


Bleed on brain stem completely healed

Sue Sivula of Maple Grove, Minnesota, had a bleed on the brain stem, which among other things, caused her eyes not to turn when she turned her head. 

The neurosurgeon at the Methodist Hospital in Minneapolis and the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota wanted to operate, but not Sue. 

After two visits with Master Chunyi Lin, the problem was completely gone. The neurosurgeon compared the before MRI with the after MRI and could only see a tiny residue of what was once the problem. 

Sue practices Qigong on most days for two thirty-minute sessions. "The ongoing benefits I receive far exceed any effort I must do in practicing Qigong," she says. 

Sue Sivula
Maple Grove, Minnesota


"I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong" 

"I weighed up to 210 pounds at 5'7" in 1997. I began losing weight as a result of practicing Qigong. 

"I joined Weight Watchers in July of 1998 to learn better food and portion choices. 

"I now weigh 163 pounds. I did not journal my food intake as instructed by Weight Watchers. But I did follow my hunger patterns and continued with Qigong. 

"I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong. It felt like a hole in my stomach that would never fill up. The energy now fills me up.  I feel more balanced and healthy, and I see more clearly my responsibility for my own happiness." 

Corrine Vahle
7439 Lyndale Avenue South, Apt. 207, Minneapolis, MN 55423


"Qigong may have saved my life after a heart attack"

Wayne Kassera, of Stillwater, Minnesota, suffered a heart attack in September 1998.

The doctors at United Hospital in St. Paul performed an angiogram and discovered blockages in five vessels leading to the lungs from the back of the heart.

Wayne underwent angioplasty. The procedure cleared two vessels and the doctors inserted a stent in the third. The remaining two vessels were too blocked for the doctors to help Wayne.

Wayne heard about Chunyi Lin and immediately enrolled in the class that provides the foundation for the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He also met with Master Lin three times.

"The two vessels are now 85% clear!" he says.

"I practice Qigong every day," says Wayne. "I've seen many, many changes in my life, the most noticeable being more energy and greater life comfort."

Wayne says he was a "meditator" before meeting Chunyi Lin, "There is no comparison. I am more confident and feel more powerful as a result of his guidance."

Wayne Kassera
731 Fischer Circle, Stillwater, MN 55082


Esther required oxygen 24 hours a day-until she practiced Qigong

Esther Trejo of St. Paul suffered from a rare lung disease.

She was on oxygen 24-hours a day. "It was so debilitating that I was gasping for breath during the few moments it took me to change oxygen tanks," said Esther.

"The doctors said my only choice was a lung transplant.  I refused," she said.

Her son heard about Chunyi Lin's class that is at the base of our new Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course.

"I did not go willingly, believe me," she recalls.

"I took a class on Chinese breathing for eight weeks. At the end of the eight weeks I did not need all of the oxygen, and I did not have to take any medicine.  And, that was over five years ago," said Esther.

And, top of it all, she received a bonus: "I am no longer a crabby S.O.B.!"

Esther Trejo
St. Paul, Minnesota


Qigong corrects a heart defect and 12-year-old boy named MVP

Imagine a 12-year-old soccer-loving boy with a heart defect that diminished stamina. He could only play a few minutes before his energy depleted and his face reddened with exhaustion.

That was Eric McVeigh, who was diagnosed at birth with aortic stenosis. The opening between the right and left side of the heart had not grown correctly and could not work in concert with the other valves of his heart. This caused contaiminated blood to leak affecting his overall stamina and health.

Eric and his mother, Pat, travelled to Minnesota for Qigong healing sessions with Master Lin. Immediately, Eric's stamina increased. An ultrasound exam revealed significant growth in the defective valve and that it had thinned substantially. The leakage of contaminated blood had almost stopped.

That next fall Eric made the championship soccer team of Calgary's North Division and was named Most Valuable Player. He is able to play an entire game with normal rotation and without exhaustion.

Eric's mother also noticed that he is not tired at the end of the school day as he always was in the past thanks to his work with Spring Forest Qigong.

Eric McVeigh
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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